Persian Rug Pads – A Buyers Guide

A Persian Rug Pad serves a number of purposes.  Most people out there don’t think about buying a rug pad when the opt to purchase an area rug.  They just throw the rug down and wonder why it wont lay flat, or why it bunches in the corners.

Area rug Pads for Hardwood Floors

If your Oriental rug dealer pushes you a little more on a pad, don’t assume that it is an unnecessary upgrade.  A high-quality pad will help truly help increase the life of your expensive carpet.

The added cushion will provide an enormous benefit for both your floors and your area rug.  Softening your area rug will both help it last longer and provide more insulation.

There are a number of area rug pad materials and benefits on the market.  The overwhelming majority is made from polyurethane foam, also known as pvc.  There is a huge varying degree of pvc pads, some that are cheap and will fall apart, and some that are expensive and will last a lifetime.

Choose the right amount of thickness that compliments your area rug.  Commercial and low pile area rugs could use the support from a thicker area rug.  The thicker and more dense, the better.

If your in a hot and humid zone, use a rug pad with a moisture barrier. This will really help prevent mold and mildew from forming.    Essentials the pad will have a plastic layer on the inside or outside, which will not allow moisture to pass through.

Move your Oriental rugs around periodically.  This is because your hardwood underneath your area rugs should see some sun.  It’s typically not the best idea to leave your hardwoods covered for a long time as they will change a different color from areas that have been receiving sunlight over the years.  This depends on the type of hardwood used.

Tips and Tricks to Rug Pad Buying

Although it may sound silly, picking a rug pad that will be ideal for your type of flooring and area rug is important. Utilizing an inappropriate type of rug pad could damage your surface floors. This is undoubtedly correct especially with polyurethane floors. Below are rug pads that you could shop for in the market right now. Although most rug pads seem like they are manufactured from only rubber, actually many are manufactured with all types of different materials.

These materials include: organic rug pads, reused jute rug pads, PVC rug pads, jute and rubber rug pads, nylon and polyester rug pads, solid jute rug pads, and rubber rug pads.

As it evidently states, Recycled jute rug pads are manufactured from recycled resources. Almost all of the resources that are found in this variation of a rug pad is normally neutral in odor, does not lead to any hypersensitivity and fungus resistant. These pads are categorized by its entire heaviness, the heavier the pad the more superior they are. Recycled jute rug pads are normally safe for all sorts of flooring, making them also the suitable rug pads for hardwood floors. However, bear in mind that while this kind of rug pad can be quite comfy, they can also be somewhat slippery and can only be used under rugs that will not glide.

This pad can offer a strong foothold because of its rubberized bottom and a smooth surface that aids the pad in readily sticking into your area rug. You can either choose synthetic or purely organic resources for this specific rug pad.

Normally, you can look for open weaved non-stumble pads (derived from several types of resources) in everyone’s residence. Most of the commonly used materials for these rug pads are PVC, polyester, nylon and rubber. Helps prevent stumbles and falls, these are certainly manufactured for such purpose, however, always be mindful when looking for the perfect material for you. A couple of them cause creases and unneeded spots on your present surface floorings, particularly those pads that are covered with glue or adhesives.  Typically for larger rugs, I’d recommend a 100% felt rug pad, as there is never a possibility of floor damage.

Careful selection is essential to prevent your place from getting any scratches or dents. You’ll really have to push a bit harder when buying pads if you’ve got wooden surface floors. Do not hesitate to check and investigate further, in the case of searching for rug pads for hardwood flooring, since this can help you reduce dents and scratches on your surface floors. There are things that you must be aware of when obtaining the most suitable rug pad for wooden flooring, here are several of them.

Stay away from any type of adhesives! There are rug pads sprayed with sticky adhesives to ensure they won’t move around as well as carpet tapes designed for the same purpose. If possible do not use such pads. Something definitely bad will happen to your hardwood surface floors once you use low-cost bulk manufactured rug pads, since they can cause marks and discoloring.

In the same vein, do not select synthetic rubber, foam backed or plastic pads for your rug pads. Your lovely wooden floors will not be the same again. The safest choice that you can have is selecting all-natural rubber or top quality PVC will work as well. Your flooring’s lifespan is bound to lessen if you go for latex sprayed pads.

The Best Rug Pads for Hardwood Flooring

It’s absolutely essential to purchase the right set of rug pads in order to keep your rugs looking fresh as the day you bought them. The market is flood with low quality, low cost pvc rug pads.  Long term, these rug pads can give off chemical odors or end up staining or stripping your hardwood floors.  Finding quality materials for underneath your rug will assist both your flooring and support your Oriental rug. If you are searching for a long-term protective tool for your floors and not just a short term fix.  Please spend the extra $ on a quality rug pad.
Area rug pads
There are a few high end materials available on the market. The most popular include latex, 100% felt, re-bonded urethane or latex, natural rubber, pvc rubber, and vinyl coated rubber or natural rubber coated vinyl.  There are varying degrees of quality in regards to all these pads, but I would say my number 1 recommendation is a 100% natural rubber pad.  Natural rubber materials are typically rated high for all types of floors, and tend to last quite a bit longer than pvc ones.   Determining the correct rug pads for hardwood floors is crucial as a low cost pad can end up causing some long term damage.

If you had to choose between a solid natural rubber pad or a waffle rubber pad, I’d probably choose a waffle rubber pad.  Since it allows more airflow to your floors.  The more breathable your rug pad is, the fresher your floors will look.  Regardless if you use synthetic, latex, pvc or natural rubber pad, you should always opt for a more breathable area rug pad, as your floors need oxygen to keep them looking fresh. A breathable rug pad, one that is a bit more open and allows for better air circulation, will allow more airflow which will keep harmful bacteria from growing while allowing more oxygen to your hardwood.

Last forever rug padding

When it comes commericial carpet and rug stores, a urethane foam is by far your best option. Contrary residential area rug pads, this material is a bit more durable and can last a bit longer with more traffic.  In most cases, it is used as a carpeting solution. The urethane foam uses a few liquid ingredients in order to turn the pad into a larger foam. Its similar to whats used in cars and cushions, except much tougher and more durable. Of all the different kinds of rug pads, this rug pad material is the most robust and longest lasting.

Before you purchase the padding, always look at your floors first and find a pad that is compatible with them. Rather than replacing your pads every 3 years, opt for a better quality rug pad, that would only have to replace every 10 year.

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Choosing The Perfect Size Rug Pad For Your Oriental Rug

All people should use a rug pad to protect their floors and their Oriental rugs. As a rug pad retailer and dealer, one of the big questions I get a lot is what size rug pad I should buy.

Assessing and acquiring the suitable dimensions of a rug pad isn’t very difficult, here are a few things that you need to do:

1.    Getting the precise measurements of the area rugs, an easy task with measuring tape.

2.    Must be 1 inch lesser than the actual dimensions of the rug, this is the most suitable size that your rug pad must have. If it is difficult for you to determine the precise dimensions of your rug, you may buy a bigger pad and trim the rug pad yourself to fit to achieve the size that you’re trying to find.

3.    You can achieve your pad’s ideal measurement by putting your pad on a plane surface, determine and cut the pad using your pair of scissors.

4.    In case you are having a tough time with the overall procedure, you can have someone do it for you, as there are Pad outlets (Rug Pad USA) who provide such service.
The truth on the perfect size rug pad for rugs is that the rug pad should measure less compared to your rug. Since rug pads are thick, your rugs should cover them and not let any part of the pad show when put at the bottom of the rug. If the rug pad is up to the edge of your rug, this could cause a trip hazard. Exposing the pads and not putting them in place can also make the rugs look crumpled and curled and can be pretty displeasing in the eyes.

You can get your rug pad trimmed down, like one or two inches from the original dimensions of the area rug.

Your rug is a factor in a making your home more pleasing to see, this is why masking the pad completely is advisable, besides preventing slides and trips. It is not proper to see the pad sticking out on the side of your rug. There is no need to be concerned about the pad being less in size since it will still work efficiently beneath the rug.

The awareness of what is the most appropriate size of your rug pad is very important. Most online retailers and brick and mortar stores supply rug pads in standard sizes and leave it up to you to trim the rug pad by yourself. Your trouble will depend on what kind of rug pad you will select. You can use durable scissors in trimming hard to work on the pads. A great feature of the Rug Pad USA is that you are able to order the rug pad with the exact measurements of your rug. The agency is very keen on concentrating on the client’s needs, this is why they’re offering such feature.

Oriental Rug Pads – Buying Guide

Are you presently considering on buying Oriental rug pads? For designers, collectors, and household owners, the best method to give your home an added feel is by using Oriental rugs. Authentic oriental rugs are meticulously hand crafted and stitched with pile or matted with pile. These come in many striking colors and intricate patterns, but one thing each one has in common would be the obvious – they come from Oriental and Middle Eastern countries. They are made from people stemming from a number of different backgrounds, embodying the style of the people from that culture. The more popular areas include, Persian, Anatolian, Central Asia, Arabian, and Tibetan rugs – each area unique in terms of the textile and structure used. Since original oriental rugs are intricately made and they’re also expensive. For collectors, they’re precious investments which should last forever. Knowing how to take care of these luxury pieces is important if you want them to remain in good shape, and one method of doing that is to use Oriental rug pads. Picking the top rug is vitally important with regards to the performance in addition to the visual appeal of your carpeting.

Sisal area rug and rug pad

One thing often overlooked is the rug pad used underneath each rug.  Typically manufactured using either felt, rubber, pvc, or vinyl. These pads help cushion your step while keeping your rugs anchored to the floor.

When purchasing your Persian rug pad, don’t opt for anything too cheap.  There is a huge range of cheap to inexpensive rug pads, so choose wisely. Here are a few tips and tricks that might help you out.

  • Is your Oriental rug for indoor or outdoor use? Outdoor or patio pads need to be designed for use outdoors or they can melt, mold, or wear very quickly.
  • Are you planning on using your rug pad over wood surface? One of the big issues that occurs with polyurethane finished wood floors is staining or stripping with a low quality rug pad.  Make sure your rug pad is designed for use on wood floors, and more importantly, glossy polyurethane finishes.
  • Avoid precut packaging? There’s nothing more annoying than purchasing a pad with folds and wrinkles, requiring you to smoothen them after you take them out of the packaging.
  • Are you utilizing your carpet on the second floor? For many people with hardwood floors who want to mute the noise of footsteps from their upper floors, using soft carpet padding can reduce the clicking sounds of footsteps.

Beautiful Area rug - Purple

When selecting the appropriate rug pads, always take into account location and how much floor traffic that area will see. Remember that a fine area rug pad will help keep you safe while prolonging the life of your Oriental rugs.

The Different Types of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors come in a variety of styles, shapes, and prices. Before you choose a rug pad, it is important to first determine what type of floors you have and if your rug pad is compatible with that type of flooring.  This is more specifically with glossy urethane finishes, which can often react with vinyl rug pads and cause them to bleed into the flooring.  Note the strips, planks, and wood types of hardwood floors. Other factors include the room where the floor is going to be placed and also the kind of subflooring in the location.

jute rug pads for hardwood floors

1.    Pure Solid Hardwoods
The solid hardwood floor is a single piece of solid, hard material. This hardwood type is normally three-fourths of an inch thick. This wood originates from sources that are naturally strong and solid. White and red oak trees and maples are a few of the origins of this type. While undeniably solid, this floor type is responsive to environmental factors. Cut the said shifts short by placing your wood atop wooden subfloors. Ensure you nail or staple your solid hardwood floor. Although sensitive to outside changes, this kind can be recoated or refinished once or twice.

2.    Engineered Wood Floor

Engineered wood floors come to be when they’re laminated. Various hardwood piles are laminated together, creating the planks. This version is more flexible compared to the others. All types of attaching ways and subfloors work nicely with engineered wood flooring. Dry subfloors can work well with the engineered wood floor. You can put this floor in any level of your residence or building. With this variant, temperature shifts and moisture aren’t a concern at all. Choose from longstrip or plank engineered wooden floors. They also are available in various physical dimensions such as length and color.

3.    Hardwood Floor: Exotic

An exotic wood floor is made from hardwood species that aren’t grown in North America. Exotic wood floors are born from hardwood species of far away. If you want a distinct feel, exotic wooden floors are your best bet. This type is not only resilient and strong but also incredibly attractive. A large percentage of this kind of hardwood floor is photosensitive. This means that after a continual and prolonged exposure to sunlight, their color may change in due time. Exotic wood floors have several photosensitivity levels. Watch for your hardwood to cure prior to positioning rugs and rug pads down – Ive had success with for higher end pads in the past, make sure to go with a organic rubber pad.

Why Location Matters In Hardwood Flooring

rug pads for hardwood floors 4x6

Make your hardwood floor of preference last a long time by matching the corresponding kind with the appropriate room for it. Hardwood floors keep going longer when placed in their corresponding room level. Then there are versions of hard wood floors that can be set on either lower or higher rooms. Covering the bases before making the purchase assures you of hardwood floors that will last a long, long time.